Thursday, June 7, 2007

In and around Cochin

Fort Cochin is quiet, very few people walk the streets and it is in what is referred to as the "off season" mode. The monsoon started with all its fury in the last couple of days of May with welcome rain, dark skies, beautiful luminescent light and after three days decided we should have some more clear skies and sunshine. One thing is sure, wherever the monsoon is, it is not Cochin. the few late, late tourists and travelers are getting a real bargain at the moment, clear blue skies, warm sunshine and rock bottom rates in hotels and home stays!! they are even able to grab days on the Varkala beach working up a sun tan.

Fort Cochin also sports a somewhat new look. The local administration, in it's drive to clean up the beach have removed all the fish stalls at the Chinese Nets and the accompanying "you buy, i fry" food stalls. While it looks like a bit of the character of Fort Cochin has been lost it sure has cleaned up the place and the views are lovely.

At Dal Roti we serve a wide range of kebabs and tandoori rotis on weekends and have been working at expanding our menu to include a wider range of traditional village food.

The three lovely mascots of Dal Roti, Amaarah, Zehra & Saba with a little help from their mother Maimoona threw a surprise birthday party for their father Zulfi on the 1st of June at dal Roti. It was a great bash.... details and pics in a post coming soon!!

To all our customers around the world, have great days ahead and we look forward to having you back

p.s.: on a more personal note, our son Ayush is home on vacations from the National Defense Academy where he is training to become a career Naval Officer and our daughter Aneesha surprised all of us by doing exceptionally well in her high school Board exams

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