Tuesday, May 15, 2007

post your comments!!

this post has been created for all of you who would like to add your own personal experience at dal roti and any comments you may have


Unknown said...

Thank you..have been expecting such a thing for a while now! Can't wait to get back to India to visit your restaurant.All the best!

ramesh at dhal roti said...

thanks anya.. look forward having you at dal roti.... and have not seen your mom around recently!!

Anonymous said...


if you ever come to Cochin, Dal Roti is a place you shouldn't miss.
The owner, Ramesh is a very nice and lovely person.
Full of Energy and happynes he welcomes new guests with a big smile and a friendly "Hi, come in".
The menue is full of typical north indian dishes. Snacks or full meals are available.
You definetly have to try Dal Rotis chai, it is the best chai I ever had in India.

I suggest a tasty dinner or lunch at Dal Roti at least once if you are in Cochin and finish it with a very awsome desert, called quirbani.

I hope Ramesh and Dal Roti will be there at Cochin if I come next time to India.



ramesh at dhal roti said...

thank you alex.. and i look forward to having the two of you back!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ramesh...the meals at your place were the best ones I had in India...finally I am back home in Germany, missing the good food already - I will try your recipes...
Thank you very much for the nice time, it was a pleasure to meet you!
Greetings to Simon (hope he still drops in regularly),
yours, Maria

Unknown said...

We just had a lovely dinner at Ramesh's suggestion, and are planning on going back for lunch. Definitely a place not to be missed, though it's a tough call whether it's because Ramesh is so cheerful and welcoming, or because the food is so good.

Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ramesh,

We have been to Fort Cochin twice this year. We were some of your first customers back in January 07, and we enjoyed your hospitality, warm welcome and excellent meals!

We are back in the cold (-3) Uk but 2 weeks ago we enjoyed our time (staying at Delight) with lots of visits to your restaurant.

We enjoyed all the meals there and remember your kindness in packing up (in a sealed foilpack) our meal remnants for later consumption!

oh, what large portions.....!

You also kindly presented us with a wrapped gift of an excellent carrot pudding to take up to the wedding in Calicut.

We have a really happy photo with Ramesh, Christine & the 2 Johns - and hope to see you again when we next visit Fort Cochin.

All the best for 2008. Thanks once again for providing such good food and warm welcome.


Hi Ramesh

Just wanted to say that we all enjoyed the food at Dal Roti so much. Particularly, the awadhi samosas paratha and the katti rolls. Thank you also for explaining how to make such good chai. Please don't change anything! (except to make more space) The staff and the menu
make it the great place it is. We hope to come back and find it just the same.

Great food and hospitality!

Thank you - Christine

Megan said...

We really enjoyed having a few meals at Dal Roti in November 09. Ramesh even opened early one day so we could have lunch before our flight! It must be the best in Fort Cochin! On our return we were excited to find some recipes on the website. However I tried the Firni and think that there is a mistake with the amount of cardamom. Could it be 1 teaspoon instead of 1 tablespoon? We are looking forward to a few more recipes as it is a long way to go from Australia!