Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Month that it was _ JUNE '07

Monsoon skies at Cochin
And the rains came down!!

June has come and gone.........bringing with it the Monsoon, heavy rains.. the usual leaks to be stopped, wet floors to dry.. and a lot of lovely days at Dal Roti. This post is aimed at listing some of the great and not so great moments.

Three birthdays were celebrated in June.......

Amaarah, Zehra & Saba with a little help from their mother Maimoona had a surprise birthday for their father Zulfi at Dal Roti to see in the first day of June... about 50 people took over the restaurant and hopefully had a great time
The three girls and their mother giving the birthday greeting!!

And the birthday boy!!!!

Mangal threw a lunch birthday party for his son Eshwar and combined it with a father's day cake on the 17th.. had about 25 people at the party

Eshwar cutting the birthday cake while Mangal cuts the Father's day one

And at the Birthday lunch
Hemangi Asher with husband and close friends came for a quiet birthday celebration. She is far too shy to be photographed!!

Harrison Malayalam Ltd. had a three day seminar for their executives from the tea and rubber plantations and Dal Roti catered the lunches on all the days and also the evening get togethers.. Thanks HML and in particular Carry and Vinay

A not so welcome guest, well after the fact was a gentleman ( tough to call him that!!) who dined regularly at Dal Roti and then suddenly vanished. It was only later we learnt that he was an internationally wanted criminal and had been arrested in another city. Seeing him, one would have never imagined it!!

There has been a surprising number of tourists considering it is the monsoon and as has been the trend, the French continue to dominate

Thanks to all our customers, both in Cochin, Kerala, India and worldwide who visited Dal Roti and we look forward to them visiting us again

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Presenting the team which creates the food at Dal Roti....... the cooks par excellence!
L-R: Nasim, Miraj, Mustaquin, Jasim, Mumtaz & Wasim